Formerly known as JMuth561, ZidaneZ is an inactive user known for creating various levels (including Centrifugal Centennium - the longest level ever). He is also known for creating Super Mario Flash 2: Chaos Edition, which is one of the more popular hacks based in SMF2.

SMF Hacks Edit

Super Mario Muth Edit

ZidaneZ is also the creator of a hack called Super Mario Muth. However, that hack had since been deleted by ZidaneZ himself, for specific reasons.

Chaos Edition Edit

Later in 2013-2014, ZidaneZ made yet another hack called Chaos Edition, a rather unique and gimmicky SMF2 hack with a horror-based theme to it. Unlike his previous work Super Mario Muth, this one was more of a success in comparison, and actually lasted to present-day. Many iconic mega-tag levels with the likes of Midnight Catacombs, Deadly Dominion as well as Deadly Dominion II have been created using this particular hack.

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