Way to the Independence is a Mega-Tag hosted by Parbounli and scheduled in February 16th 2018. It was designed to celebrate 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I and some countries rebuilt in 1918. Also, it will become the longest mega-tag ever created and the longest level made in SMF3 - main level's length is 100 000X.


Europe 1923

Europe after World War I

In February, 2017, Parbounli planned to host a new mega-tag for 2018 years to celebrate a new peace for next 20 years after Central forces (German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire) were crushed and new countries were established under their former territory by Triple-Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia (later USSR) and minor states) in 1918.

Theme history

He also set rules, achievements (in March) and 3 templates with 3 different themes: Road, Bunker, Tank. Another theme (Castle) came out in April-May due to very slow progress. However, in November 20th he decided to remove road theme because of no volcanos in Eastern Europe, however, all road-themed templates weren't deleted, their names were replaced with the „Road-Tank". It was the first way to integrate all road parts to tank theme.

One of the latest updates were done in December 17th, 2017. „Road-Tank" and „Tank" themes were combined under name of „Road". The reason is similar structure of „Road-Tank" and „Tank" themes and no volcanos in Eastern Europe. Also, a new „Partisan" theme appeared as the 4th theme in the Mega-Tag 2018. It looks like a typical forest level with many chuck & bullet bases.

Theme Using time Background Notes
Road January-20th November and 17th December-present 09 (night volcanos), later 32nd (castle walls outside) Combined with Tank theme as Road-Tank theme. Regenerated after Road-Tank was shortened.
Bunker January-present 13th (airship inside) Rarely used.
Tank January-20th November 32nd (castle walls outside) Road theme has been combined with the Tank theme as Road-Tank theme.
Castle April-present 30th (SMB3 castle inside) Added due to low activity.
Road-Tank 20th November-17th December 32nd (castle walls outside) Created by combined Road and Tank themes. In 17th December, „Road-Tank" became just a „Road".
Partisan 17th December-present 25th (dark forest) Added due to low variety of different themes.


Part User Area Theme
1st Mario00000000 0X-5000X Road (formely Tank)
2nd ElectricPenguin 5020X-10000X Road
3rd Waluigi68 10020X-15000X Road (formely Tank)
4th LazorCozmic5 15020X-20000X Bunker
5th creator 20020X-25000X Bunker
6th Filip Underwood 25020X-30000X Castle
7th Meyland12? 30020X-35000X Castle?
8th awesomeness777 35020X-40000X Partisan
9th Vileplume (Plume 4.0) 40020X-45000X Road
10th Soulshade? 45020X-50000X Road
11th Popthatcorn14? 50020X-55000X Bunker
12th creator 55020X-60000X Partisan
... ... ... ...
15th Plume 4.0 70020X-75000X Castle
... ... ... ...
19th Brawler Day? 90020X-95000X Castle
20th Parbounli 95020X-100000X Castle?

Mega-Tag 2018 isn't currently finished, also, all question marks means that it's not the last word, so table will be updated many times.


  • MagicOTD had planned 100000X level in 2015 but stopped working due to inactivity. So, this level is the second one which reaches 100000X or more.
  • WTTI takes 12 months to work on it.
  • Way to the Independence is the second Mega-Tag hosted by Parbounli. The first ever one was called Green Nature.
  • Parbounli has absolute control of the Mega-Tag.