Ubfunkeys7 is a an active Level Palace's user since the near start of Level Palace.

History Edit

Membership on PG Edit

Ubfunkeys9 registered in Pouetpu-Games in 2012, but was active and making levels without knowing about the register feature in 2011. When he finally made an account he made 50 levels on PG varying from gold to silver to bronze to spam. He made many "final" levels due to the reoccurring drama happening at that time, however, his true final level on PG would be called "UB's Final Level".

Membership on LP Edit

Ub came back to PG, seeing MANY different changes, however during this time users told him about the new site called Level-Palace, and how brand new it was, and how they were abandoning PG for it. From there he started making brand new, and more improved levels on LP.

Trivia Edit

  • He is currently working on the I N S A N I T Y series, a series dedicated to extreme levels with very dark lore.

Series in Level Palace Edit


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