Tristaph is an active user since early 2017. He is known for making relatively hard non-series levels in SMF2/SMF3. Despite rumours of him having a SMF2 hack in development, this is not true. Tristaph edited a title screen with custom graphics for SMF3 but did not make a hack.


Membership on PG

Tristaph was never a member on PG due to the fact that the creation of new accounts were disabled at that time.

Membership on LP

Tristaph officially joined Level Palace in late February 2017 along with LazorCozmic5. Both of which have made a great impact on the Level Palace community since their debut.


  • Tristaph is supposedly the eldest member of Level Palace at the moment, at 31 years old.
  • He's married and has 2 kids
  • He has experience in creating his own platforming games
  • He is one of the few level makers from Canada.
  • He created the Discord Bot Egbert on the Level Palace Discord server.