The League is a level-making clan on Level Palace, consisting of some of the best level-makers out there. The purpose of the clan is for members to get an opportunity to collab together and create various different amazing levels as well as help one another.

History Edit

The clan was previously led by a Level Palace user by the name of CarlosV and is now run by Orangetack after CarlosV resigned during February of 2017. For more information, head on over to the official League website.

Members Edit

Orangetack (Leader)

Mario Blight (Moderator)

Popthatcorn14 (Moderator)

Multi (Member)

Luigibonus (Member)

Lord Luigi2014 (Member)

LazorCozmic5 (Member)

creator (Member)

qwertyquop (Member)

Blueyoshi0014 (Member)

Former Members Edit

CarlosV (Former Leader)

FullMetalDragon (Former Moderator)

Thejanos27 (Former Member)

Majora T (Former Member)

Parbounli (Former Member in 13th July 2017 till 29th July 2017)

League Levels Edit

Participants: Lord Luigi2014, FullMetalDragon, Orangetack, Thejanos27 2, Carlos V, qwertyquop, Multi and Mario Blight

Participants: Luigibonus, Popthatcorn14, Lord Luigi2014, Majora T, qwertyquop and Orangetack

Participants: Multi and CarlosV

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