Super Pop Flash (Version 2.1.5)'s Title Screen.

Super Pop Flash is a Super Mario Flash 2 (2.1) reskin created by Popthatcorn14.

Overview Edit

This edition serves as a color alternative to the original SMF2, and does not have any unique tilesets, themes, enemies or anything else.

This edition also serves as being one of the first ever SMF hacks, being one of the first hacks to change graphics other than backgrounds.

Update History Edit

(Please add to this article if you know the update history)

Trivia Edit

  • In an older version of Super Pop Flash, the Mario recolor in the edition was the exact same as Popthatcorn14's custom color code.
  • Older versions of this edition had some custom graphics, like different clouds, ice tiles and donut blocks. In a later version however, they were changed to a recolored version to their original SMF2 variant instead, most likely to have the whole edition be recolor-themed.
  • The main font used to be purple, and the Rex enemies used to be Mario.
  • Yoshi had color changes as well. In an older version, Yoshi was purple, but later got changed to blue, likely because the Mario color got changed as well.

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