Super Luigi Flash 2 is a SMF2 hack made by Popthatcorn14. You can play here.


Super Luigi Flash 2 title

Main purpose Edit

The hack's main purpose is to allow players to play normal Super Mario Flash 2 levels as Luigi instead of Mario, just like you could in Super Mario Flash.

Differences between SMF2 and SLF2 Edit

Changes in SLF2 Edit

  1. Mario's sprites are changed to Luigi's sprites.
  2. Name Mario is changed to name Luigi.
  3. The title screen says "Super Luigi Flash 2".
  4. "Mario Start" is changed to "Luigi Start."

Luigi's abilities Edit

Luigi can jump 2 rows higher than Mario (except jumping from water, which is normal). Also, Luigi can run so fast that his speed is larger than firebar's.

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