Przem1994 is one of SMF community's earliest members, also known as Classic Level Maker, and currently holds the record of having the most levels ever on the site (750+ as of this article's writing). While sometimes he gets criticism for his levels being repetitive, he does have some honorable and well-known levels that are definitely fun and worth playing.

Levels Edit

Level making style Edit

Przem1994 usually only makes series, with the occasional standalone level from time to time. His series are usually just the same themes (grassland to lava) with the same mechanics, but he has created some fantastic levels as well.

Notable Levels Edit

SMF Hacking Edit

Przem1994 has created 3 hacks as of now:

  1. Super Mario Flash: Egyptian Edition
  2. Super Mario Flash 2: Blue Edition
  3. Super Mario Flash 2: Green Edition

Egyptian Edition came as quite the surprise, since there was no announcement beforehand that Przem was developing a SMF1 hack. Especially because the hack was actually really good and still praised to this day. While SMF2: Blue/Green Edition aren't bad hacks, they are mainly forgotten due to being simple recolors.

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