Parbounli is currently inactive Level Palace's user since the very start of 2017, also the hoster of Mega-Tag 2018. He is online every day but he rates levels and publish our new ones rarely.

Nickname Parbounli is just his profile's name, he is really Ecabacer because he left Pouetpu-Games under Ecabacer name.

History Edit

Membership on PG Edit

Levels Edit

MagicOTD signed up on Pouetpu-Games in 24th December of 2014 and kept his membership for 8 months. His first series called Super Parbounli Bros showed pretty good beginner's skills because SMF community went so far in level styling and technologies, and 7 levels failed to get on the best levels section. Their second versions were published in 2015 July, after the end of Super MagicOTD Bros, which, unfortunately, was liquidated by MagicOTD himself due to getting too low rates for best section and bad reputation. Tributes were a little part of 100 level series but MagicOTD renamed them with „(user name) tribute" instead of deleting, so, they kept in Pouetpu-Games. Later, in September, he (under name „Ecabacer") started a new series called „Crash Bandicoot: New Things of Parbounli" but stopped working because of Pouetpu-Games getting ruined by troll accounts made by Unown and Teije.

Me in an old level

13th birthday level, which is not discovered yet. MagicOTD published it in 2nd August, 2015

During these 10 months of his membership on PG he made more than 100 levels (55 levels survived to present-day), rated 1095 times and had 2 names (the second was Ecabacer) and 71 friends.

„Parbounli Alliance" Edit

In 13th July MagicOTD founded a clan called "Parbounli alliance" because he needed to create a community of friends. Only after 2 weeks of creating it, he retired due to level posting and boredom, so, he took a break from PG and gave leader's position to lord J. He was the leader of "Parbounli alliance" since 30th July. Alliance had it's own rules and bonuses (rating points and tributes). In August, "Parbounli alliance" had 8 members/allies:

  1. MagicOTD/Ecabacer (alliance creator, former leader)
  2. InsaneSanic
  3. lord J (alliance leader)
  4. Racer812NE1
  5. przem1994
  6. BrawlerDayComics
  7. JJ7
  8. wolfforthewin

The original owner of alliance had started making badges for great and hard jobs and planned to create 30 community and working badges and publish them for allies only after the last one would be done. In the middle (15/30) of project, he had stopped it and never continued his work due to getting ruined.

„Parbounli Alliance" mightly is the predecessor of The League founded by Carlos V.

Membership on LP Edit

During the first 21 hours of 2017 Ecabacer backed to SMF community and registered in Level Palace as Parbounli. He decided he would start a „fresh start" on the new site. Then, started restoring ''Super Mario Bros. Special'' and added some new features to his profile, such „Official Parbounlian News".

After the finish of ''SMB. Special harder version'', Parbounli planned to restore the other series called ''All Night Nippon: Super Mario Bros'' until his birthday but Intensive Rating (known as IR) stopped and forced him to take a break from making series until the start of July. After 7 weeks Intensive Rating has gone, in 23th June, he started restoring an alternative version of the series named „All Night Nippon: Super Mario Bros'' to save some time and start his new series called ''Mario in Lithuania'' to show the beauty of Lithuanian nature on his SMF3 levels. However, Intensive Rating delayed the premiere of ''MIL'' again and this time to 2018 years, after Mega-Tag „Way to Independence" comes out.

His level „UFO attack" became the first Parbounlian featured level in 3th July of 2017

On September, he returns level making and publishes a few levels. One of them called Arabic Dunes will compete on 2nd LP Contest.

Avatar History Edit

Parbounlian flag


Parbounlian Feodalism Edit

After Parbounli has joined Level Palace, he was surprised by some LP features Pouetpu-Games hadn't had. Then, he made his first avatar „Parbounlian King" (Crown with letter P), which, unfortunately, didn't survive to present days. In 30th April, he made a new avatar called „Parboshield", which showed his, Grand Duke's (later Knight's) power. This one survived to the present days (avatar in the right of sub-article).

From ordinary comments to a new club Edit

In 18th August, he and Filip Underwood didn't got messages from Brendan about the 2nd LP contest. Then, Parbounli said FU's Power Ranger could stop Global Warming. Then, friend have given 9 Energems to Parbounli, and he chose black. Filip has immediately sent avatar's link, which changed Parboshield permanently. Parbounli had enjoyed it till 11th September (for 25 days), after Power Rangers Tag was done, then he regained his power of Knight.

Rating System Edit

Parbounlian rating basics Edit

Like many other Level Palace members, Parbounli created his own rating system. He purposed to find all flaws by following 8 rules, and give exact number of points level is worth. System has no criteria for gameplay, creative or design, but it can set exact main rate according to how original/creative level is: can be given maximum +50 for either originality and creativity. Till 10th September he could give maximum +95 and minimum +10 points for originality/creativity but the system looked too harsh and too lenient because only Bonus Rating Points (BRP) could rise or reduce the overall score. Other tips:

  1. Playable area should be larger than 3000X/Y;
  2. Have decent scenery (for example: don't place grass, trees, palms, etc. in castles).
  3. Tileset should be neat (no cutoffs).
  4. No monster overloads (unless they're challenging, especially in SMF1).
  5. No powerup overloads.
  6. No death warps.
  7. Make interesting challenges.

Rating words Edit

This is the list of rating words. They are based on how many points are given for an entire level. Some of their borders were a little changed in 7th August of 2017.

Old Points New Points Rating words
1-15 1-15 This is just a waste of time!
16-25 16-29 Needs drastic improvements.
26-40 30-40 Level making basics learnt but it's not enough.
41-55 41-54 Not good neither bad work!
56-64 55-64 Average! Keep working!
65-75 65-74 Great work!
76-85 75-84 Awesome way to the best!
86-95 85-95 Excellent work! Keep it up!
96-100 96-100 Incredible creativity!

Finished series in Level Palace Edit


All Night Nippon: Super Mario Bros (shortened version)


Super Mario Bros. Special (Hard Version)

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