Parbounli is a Level Palace user since the very start of 2017, restorer of Super Mario Bros. Special, hoster of Mega-Tag 2018.

History Edit

MagicOTD registered in Pouetpu-Games in 24th December of 2014 and kept his membership for 8 months, then left PG as Ecabacer because he got bored in making and rating levels. During the membership in PG he made more than 100 levels (55 levels survived) and rated 1095 times.

Parbounlian flag

Parbounli's avatar started to use in 30th April of 2017

During the 21 hours of 2017 he backed to SMF community and registered in Level Palace as Parbounli. Then, started restoring Super Mario Bros. Special. During the first 5 months he established profile updating, tagging rules and „Parbounlian News", also reached Level 7. After restoring SMB. Special, Parbounli decided to restore „All Night Nippon: Super Mario Bros" until his birthday (4 levels or 1 world per week) but Intensive Rating (known as IR) stopped this work. Hopeless, he took a break from series making but still makes levels and publishes them every two weeks.

Today, he is less active because of rare rating and boring non-effective profile's updates.

Series in Level Palace Edit

  1. Super Mario Bros. Special (harder version)

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