New Super Mario Flash 3 is a Series made by Filip Underwood!!! This is a 2018 Series which is a crossover between New Super Mario Bros Games and Super Mario Flash 3. The levels of this series do not get worked often but Filip is trying to work on the levels... It will have 11 worlds in it... :) Filip will try to get most of the series into Gold!


World 1: Grass

World 2: Desert

World 3: Water

World 4: Ice

World 5: Forest

World 6: Sky

World 7: Pipe

World 8: Volcano

World A: Autumn

World B: Night

World 9: Bonus

Levels of World 1:

1-1: Grass Overworld

1-2: Underground Cave

1-3: Scenic Athletic

1-♜: Grassy Fortress

1-4: Mushroom Plains

1-5: NSMBU Hills

1-Airship: Airship Finale #1

Levels for World 2:

Coming after W1 is done.