Mario Blight is second in command of Level Palace, being an Assistant Developer, and a Moderator. He has made over 100 levels, and is very active - usually being online every day. He is also currently 17 years old.


Membership on PG

Mario Blight joined Pouetpu-games in 2011, already having had made a great deal of levels in SMF1 before joining the site. He found PG by clicking the "Get Codes" button in the Level Editor, which at the time led to the Pouetpu-games Level Portal. On PG, he worked his way up to Moderator, 500+ friends, 2000+ rates, and 100+ levels, and was extremely active, doing anything on the site that he possibly could. He also managed to get most of his levels into silver and above, even from the very beginning.

Membership on LP

Mario Blight was the sixth user to join Level Palace, and obtained early access due to being a guaranteed staff member for the site. Ever since, he has been extremely active, has obtained over 100 rates, friends, and has made a few levels on the site since joining. Additionally, he has also worked his way up to Assistant Developer, and helps develop the site with Brendan in various ways. If you need any assistance or advice, Mario Blight is a great choice to ask.

Other Ranks and Community Roles


  • Despite being fairly active with level making on Pouetpu-games, nowadays he is much slower when it comes to this. However, this is likely to change in the future.
  • He is the only other developer of LP besides Brendan.
  • His levels follow a very traditional, straightforward style, which usually does not result in the most challenging levels that one may stumble upon.
  • He is not known to make very many level series.
  • Despite him being a former PG staff member, he is now banned on the site due to Pouetpu, along with many others.