Level Palace is a website used to play rate and share Super Mario Flash levels with different users from all over the world.


Rating Levels: Every level is given it's own page just like with lots of sharing websites, users can review levels and give a numerical score from 1 - 100, once a level has been reviewed four times by different users it will be sent to a certain section of level palace these include:  

Gold: Score of 90 or above. 

Silver: Score of 75 - 89.9 

Bronze: score of 60 - 74.5 

Unsatisfactory: 59.9 or below. 

Levels without four rates remain in the Pending section until they receive those four rates. 


Levels: Level palace has a Level" page where you can find recently posted levels and links to every level section mentioned above, the levels are displayed has a list which you can edit the order of by clicking the aforementioned links to the right of the page, these include: Level Class (Gold Silver Bronze and Unsatisfactory) Sort by and Filters, these allow you to do things like display older levels first, and to find levels with a specific difficulty. 

Level Difficulty: Users can assign a difficulty rating to levels they post, these include: Easy Medium Hard and Extreme, though when users review levels they give a difficulty based on their opinion or how much they struggled trying to beat it. 

Featured/Popular levels:

Featured levels are levels that are featured on the home page of level palace, "Trusted Users" can choose to feature a level if they want to, if it's a very good level or has a great concept then there's a good chance it could be featured, these levels will stay featured for a few days. 

Popular levels are relatively self explanatory it's literally means one of the most popular levels on level palace, they usually appear on the homepage if there aren't many featured levels.



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