LazorCozmic5 (also known as "LC" for short) is an active user since early 2017 and a former Trusted User of Level Palace as of late June 2017. He is known for making relatively hard non-series SMF2 and SMF3 levels, his SMF1 series Everstrange Park Trilogy, as well as his ongoing series Sweet Taste Heaven made exclusively in SMF1 Candy Edition. He also creates/edits custom backgrounds during some of his free time.

History Edit

Membership on PG Edit

Prior to joining Level Palace, LC would spend time creating levels during 2010-2011 on PG, although he wasn't registered when he tried signing up for an account on PG in the beginning of 2017, due to the fact that sign-ups for creating new accounts were disabled at the time.

Membership on LP Edit

LC was later introduced to Level Palace in 2017 by his friend Tristaph. Despite not being a member of the SMF community back in PG, he showed interest in the SMF community and had a passion for Mario, creating and reviewing levels. Shortly after being demoted from his Trusted User status, LC was invited by Orangetack, to join the League and is currently part-taking in a tag-level titled "Sexy Grasslands" made by all 10 members of the League.

Trivia Edit

  • LC's avatar is the face of Mercy from Overwatch.
  • He likes art, graphic design, and anything related to it.
  • He was the first person ever to create a SMF1 Candy Edition level.
  • His level Honeyful Adventure is his most voted level, with a total of 20 votes and the first ever Candy Edition level.
  • He started creating levels using SMF2 and SMF3 as of late May 2017 when he pretty much abandoned SMF1 due to its limitations in both enemy sprites and many more.
  • He even made a PowerPoint presentation of SMF for one of his school assignments where he talked about the history of Super Mario games origins, demonstrated tutorials, and talked about Level Palace.
  • He is currently a clan member of what is known as the League run by Orangetack.
  • Bullet-bills are his all-time favorite enemies to use in his SMF1 levels.
  • Legend has it that if LC is shown as "offline" in the Level Palace server, he's low-key online.
  • LC was in fact, the only person to have created and submitted more than 1 section in the mega-tag level titled The Monolith

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