JetWing34 (formely known as superstarfire33 and also as War Machine) was an active and one of the earliest SMF community members since 2008 until he was permanently banned on the 28th of June 2017 for sharing his password to some one else.

SMF community Edit

Membership Edit

2008 SMF forum (by Pouetpu)

2008-2016 Pouetpu-games (as superstarfire33, later as War Machine)

2008-2014 SMFE

2014 SMF2F

2016-2017 Level Palace

Staff Edit

SMFE Level Rater

SMFE Forum Moderator

SMF2F Level Rater

SMF2F Global Moderator

SMF2F Forum Administrator

PG Level critic

Stats on LP before banning Edit

He made 38 levels, rated more than 800 levels, had 49 friends and reached Level 10.

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